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Pocket Art Magritte "The Lovers"


Pocket Art Magritte "The Lovers"

Dhs. 326.00

The Lovers statue

The Lovers statue is an adaptation of Magritte’s painting into a 3D figurine. Les Amants (1928, Oil on canvas) by Surrealist painter René Magritte shows a man and a woman kissing, but shielded by cloaks wrapped on their heads. Although their faces are covered by a veil, the lovers kiss passionately. The strangeness this creates is typical of Magritte’s work. Behind the visible hides the invisible: the kiss and the emotion expressed by the face behind the veil.

  • Size: 11x9x8 cm
  • Material: resin with hand-painted details.
  • Includes a color card with an image of the original painting and a description of the artist.
  • Box

Magritte and the Surrealism movement

Surrealism was a 20th-century art movement that mixed improbable dreamlike images as a way to challenge a viewer’s understanding of the natural world. Magritte is one of the greatest examples of this artistic movement.


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