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Fantastic Murano collection of venetian glass jewellery completely handcraft products, produced with “lume” working. This technique creates bright and shiny colours but at the same time refined, elegant light and quality products. With a gift in Murano glass success is assured.

If you want jewellery that is more than just a lacklustre mass-produced piece introducing Murano Jewellery collections. This is where uniqueness blossoms into vividly coloured, handcrafted necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and charms – all made to show off your elegance and discerning nature. Venetian glass jewellery fiddles with various shapes and patterns and comes directly from Murano. Do yourself a fancy favour by checking out the works of local artisans.
These pieces are artworks created with Lume, Avventurina, flowery Murrine Millefiori and other glassmaking techniques. They have made Murano glass into what it is today – a jewellery staple coveted by classics fans and beauty connoisseurs from all over the world.
The best thing about Venice glass jewellery is that it has something to wow everyone with. Whether you stick to finely crafted classics or more luxury-looking styles with gold or silver, you will find your sought-after piece in this collection. Beads, pearls, colour options and glassy designs are countless. Take your pick to add it to your own jewellery box or give it to someone as a gift.