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Hand-Painted Porcelain. Handmade creations can generate some variation which is the proof of our hand decoration. Each piece is unique and signed by the artist from Parisian ceramicist and painter Soizick de la Bruguière.

“Today we present the famous brand Soizick around the world for revolutionizing the way of decorating household objects, table, and furniture accessories. Soizick, named after the Breton stylist who founded her, Madame Soizick de la Bruguière, is a brand that was founded ten years ago, specializing from the beginning of her artistic adventure in the decoration of the porcelain.
“The style succeeds in imposing itself immediately thanks to the wave of fresh colors with which the artist, helped by five designers of her studio, manages to distinguish herself from the world panorama of the art of the table. Each object comes entirely hand-painted according to a completely new vision and making ample use of spirals of golden vermilion and silver arabesques, vibrant colors, bold and spectacular combinations, enriching the whole with hearts, geometric and pure designs crystals. From Tokyo to London clearly passing through Paris, the fantastic Soizick collections are on display in selected boutiques around the world fascinated by this baroque, mysterious and romantic universe of these exclusive objects..
“It is impossible not to be seduced by these absolutely unique and rare artistic works, able to embellish each table and increase the attraction and the fascination of each object.